Make the Most of Your Spring Break - Visit Colleges!

For some students, Spring Break means a time to relax and enjoy the the longer and warmer days.  But if you are a Junior, Spring Break likely means a whirlwind family trip visiting college campuses far and wide.  Some will load up the SUV and take a road trip, others will book flights and battle airport security, but no matter how you get there, college visits during spring break is an important step in the college application process.  

It’s one thing to see a well crafted promotional video showcasing all the great aspects of a potential college, but quite another to actually see and feel a college campus for yourself.  Your gut reaction to a college is important and you can’t have one unless you visit. College visits also help you narrow down your interests (think size, location, etc) and let potential schools know you are interested in them. So if you are looking forward to a college visiting trip this spring break, consider the following advice before you go.

  • Register ahead of time for an official tour through the admissions office.  Once you arrive, you will join a small group and be assigned a tour guide.This is your chance to ask all the questions you can!

  • Make sure the college you want to visit isn’t on spring break, too!  It’s much better to visit a school when students are on campus, if you can help it.  

  • Do some research on the college beforehand and write down all the questions you have.  

  • If you know what academic department you would apply to, try to arrange to sit in on a class in that department or meet with a professor.

  • Take notes and photos!  After your tour, collect your thoughts and insights so when it comes time to create your college list, you will be able to remember your impressions.

And above all, have fun and enjoy the journey!  It’s the start of something great!