Prior to working with Apt Tutoring, I spent a good part of every fall interviewing tutors in the hope of finding the perfect fit. As my daughters got older each subject needed a tutor. The search was so time consuming. I love that I can call Apt and get immediate help with tutoring both long or short term. We have even called in December to get emergency help for mid terms. Our family has taken advantage of tutoring services in Spanish, biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, history and SATs. These tutors have increased their confidence and made them better students all around. We have had a few occasions over the years where the tutor wasn’t a good fit. Fixing the situation couldn’t have been easier. I didn’t have to have that awkward conversation with the tutor. I called Lisa, and she lined up a new tutor for us without loosing a single session. That kind of service is invaluable.
Lisa is like a personal trainer for the mind. Our son is very athletic and very smart, but when it comes to academics, he tends to rely more on his natural abilities than any sort of preparation. His approach to athletics is the complete opposite. When not in season he works out regularly with a personal trainer and he spends countless hours repeating the skills he needs to succeed in the sport. His first attempt on the SAT was a disappointment and showed his lack of preparation. Moreover, it helped him realize that he needed some help, a personal trainer for his mind. Lisa became that personal trainer. She loves teaching in the same way that our son loves sports, and that passion is something that our son sensed immediately. Sessions weren’t easy and the expectations were high. Lisa coached, corrected and directed him to an SAT score that improved by over 250 points (2060 combined)! And, there was the essay. Our son did not like writing papers. Lisa loves them! Demonstrating the value of a coach who is both passionate and knowledgeable, she taught him strategies for approaching a topic, tricks to use when constructing the paper and little tidbits to recognize when writing. He scored a 750 out of 800 on the writing portion of the SAT and, now, looks forward to writing assignments! It has actually changed what he’s considering for his college major. Prior to this experience, having a tutor for college and academic prep was only an occasional thought. Now, I tell all my friends to send their kids to Lisa.
[Son’s name] raised his SAT Math score 50 points to 720!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also raised his writing score to 730 so he now has 2180!!!!!!!!!!!
We cannot thank you enough for working with him/us. You made all the difference. NO magic/no tricks – just teaching him to slow down and take each problem as it comes and do tons of practice problems and show him exactly what mistakes he was making.
Dear Lisa and Heidi, I wanted to write a note and send along a huge Thank You to you for tutoring my [daughter’s name] recently. Her ACT score went from 28 to 30 with just a few weeks of your help!! Her math score alone went from 25 to 33. Her writing score is not back yet, but I have a feeling it will be improved as well. Heidi, I can’t thank you enough. [Daughter’s name] loved coming to sessions each week and really enjoyed you and your engaging style of teaching. We have already recommended you to our friend for her daughter. I told her about Apt Tutoring before we knew [daughter’s name] test results because we were so happy with Heidi and shared with her [daughter’s name] success once we got her scores. Thank you again for your help! It was absolutely worth the time, effort and money.
Hi Lisa, I thought you might like to know that [Son’s name] after 2 visits with his tutor brought his critical reading score up from 630 to 800 on this last SAT test! Mission accomplished!
I wanted to get back in touch with you to give you an update on my son [Son’s name] entrance exam results. [Son’s name] scored very well on the HSPT; enough to receive an academic scholarship when he was accepted at BC High. [Son’s name] also scored well enough on the SSAT to be accepted to St. Sebastian’s and Milton Academy. [Son’s name] will attend Milton Academy in the Fall. Thank you for all of your assistance with tutoring. This, no doubt helped him with his test taking skills, and we are grateful.
I just wanted to send you a note to formally say that [Son’s name] has finished his sessions with Sally effective last Sunday. He has completed all of his college application essays, and I was quite impressed with the quality of the work he did. He clearly made some great improvements in his writing skills during the time that he worked with Sally. My husband and I appreciate all the work that you and Will and Sally have done with [Son’s name] over the last couple of years. Please pass on to Sally and Will that to date, [Son’s name] has been accepted to UMass Amherst, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Ohio State, and University of Maryland. He’s still waiting to hear from Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Perdue. Thanks again. You guys have been a great help to us in making this process an easy one!
Ashley- I just came home from [daughter’s] open house. Her Spanish teacher took me aside after the info session to tell me that of all of his students, she has improved the most from when he had her in Spanish 2. He said he always enjoys having students circle back for Spanish 4 and seeing what they have mastered but he has never seen a student improve as much as she has. This frankly happened because of all of your hard work. [Daughter’s name] now loves Spanish and is so much more confident. Thank you!
Just a follow up on [son’s name]. He was admitted to Providence College, UVM and Northeastern! He will be attending Northeastern this fall…Thanks for all your help with the SAT’s.
Dan, I just wanted to touch base with you to extend a long-overdue thank you for working with [Son’s name]. He ended up earning a B+ on the final and a B+ for the semester (a great improvement over the c+ for the first semester!). I think he definitely appreciated the assistance you gave him in learning how to prepare and the confidence you gave him that he actually was capable of the challenge. We feel fortunate that [Son’s name] has the basic tools to succeed and we hope his dealings with people like you will give him the ambition to put the gifts that he has to good use.
[Son’s name] absolutely loved Paula! He said, “She is so nice Mom!” When I asked him this morning on our way there if he was excited about this he said he was but he didn’t do so well on some of his math tests. (signaling he was a bit embarrassed) I said that this was what it was all about, building his confidence and just tweaking those skills. Paula was so attentive and thoughtful, I love her!!! I told [Son’s name] now he has his own new friend who will be in his court to support him!!! I think he is relieved already! Thanks so much Lisa!
I am writing you today to tell you how thrilled my son and I are with his reading tutor, Kristina. He was very apprehensive before his first session, but Kristina put him at ease immediately. I think he expected to be handed a tome and told to read. Instead, she engaged him with a variety of clever word-building games, all of which he thoroughly enjoyed. I could see his confidence build after only the second session. That is a major key to his learning. If he feels like he can do something, he attacks it, and that is how he is feeling about reading right now. There have been other benefits as well. I have purchased a lot of the word and sentence games that Kristina plays with him, and we are playing them at home. I am so happy to see his skills develop. In addition, I sometimes sit in on the sessions, and by doing that, have learned effective ways to help my son with reading at home. I am very impressed with Kristina I initially signed him up so that he wouldn’t lose any of the knowledge he gained in kindergarten while on summer break. However, after seeing how well he does with Kristina it is my intention to continue the tutoring over the school year, until my son is completely comfortable reading on his own. Thank you very much for connecting us with Kristina she has exceeded my greatest expectations. We are all extremely happy with the arrangement.
We have two children taking a full load of honors and AP courses. During the years, I have called upon Apt Tutoring to tutor one or both of my children in calculus, trigonometry, geometry, chemistry, biology and physics. Whether it was a semester-long commitment to get that “C” to a “B” or that “B” to an “A,” or just a short-term two-week cram session before finals, Lisa always provided top quality tutors that were patient, coherent and had a sense of humor. Every tutor we worked with had advanced degrees, was extremely respectful to the entire family and focused on the task at hand. These were the kind of individuals that my children could look up to as role models. We were also pleased with the flexibility of Lisa — often responding to last minute request for “emergency” pre-final tutoring — as well as the flexibility of the tutors, who were willing to work around the demands of our children’s busy extracurricular schedules. Apt Tutoring was well worth the investment to my family and helped my eldest daughter get into one of the country’s most exclusive universities.
The educational support my children received from Apt Tutoring was priceless. Whatever assistance my children needed to help them completely understand the subject material was offered. The tutors were professional, friendly, accommodating and flexible with our busy schedules. They were vested as teachers, taking pride in making sure their students understood the subject. My children’s confidence grew because they truly understood the subject. Not only did the tutors help my children, but they also were readily available to answer our questions and reassure us as parents. The educational support given by Apt Tutoring was well worth the investment in our children’s future.
We have been working with Apt Tutoring for the past several years, starting in middle school. I have two high school students who have benefited from the tutors at Apt Tutoring. We have used tutors in a variety of subjects from English to Latin to math and have always had good results. In addition to the subject matter, the tutors have been helpful in reinforcing the basics of organization, good writing form, project planning, study skills, etc. My daughter describes her Apt Tutoring tutors as “motivating,” “energetic” and “knowledgeable”. She also appreciates the fact that most of them do some teaching, so they really know what they are doing. She has found her tutors tremendously helpful. My son has a learning disability and is challenged by the curriculum, but the use of Apt Tutoring tutors has helped him tremendously. Due to his intense sports schedule last year, we worked with an in-home tutor from another service to cover all subjects, but this year we are going back to subject-specific tutoring with Apt Tutoring. He says that his Apt Tutoring tutors are “fun” and are really helpful in giving him a clearer understanding of difficult concepts. All of the Apt Tutoring tutors have worked well with him and helped him to achieve despite his disability. As a parent, I am very pleased with Apt Tutoring’s services. All of the tutors communicate with me directly (as well as my kids) in terms of scheduling, and are responsive to my concerns and goals. Lisa has always been very responsive and helpful when I have questions or concerns. She is a tremendous source of information when it comes to the local schools and curriculum and is extremely prompt in addressing any new requests or concerns. The Apt Tutoring group is great to work with and I would strongly urge anyone who is considering tutoring services to use them.
Our experience with Apt Tutoring was exceptional in every way. From the prompt courteous “customer service,” to the tutor herself, to the written responses and information from the director, we were pleased. Our tutor was phenomenal-really caring and conscientious. Our daughter raised her ACT score 8 points from her first practice test.
I just submitted the Colorado College supplement, which means I am officially done!!! Thank you so, so much for your help. You made me a lot more confident about my essays and have taught me a great deal along the way. While writing those last essays, I thought about previous corrections you made and tried to apply them as I wrote—so not only did you help me make my college essays sound nicer, you have helped me become a more conscious writer for the future. I cannot thank you enough!
Our children have used various tutors from Apt Tutoring throughout their high school years. Some, on an as needed basis and a few on a more regular basis, when a particular class was proving difficult or challenging. Even with the great teachers at their school, there are times when focused, one on one time with an excellent tutor can make the difference between a B+ and an A. Both of our children have managed to receive high honors with the assistance of the excellent and dedicated tutors available through Apt Tutoring.
There was a big, smiling, teenage boy in our house this morning! [Our son] got a 700 on his CR, which from 580 and 590 seems like a huge leap. He is so pleased. Many thanks for all your dedication to him in the last few months. Your support, encouragement and pure belief that he could do this, was enormously helpful to him.
Lisa, I hope that you can instantly know how hugely I appreciated your [essay] work with [my daughter]... I have told a number of people how delicately and expertly you helped her at this crucial stage. She never felt that her work was not her own, but the tips and sounding board that you provided helped her to be her best.
Hi, Lisa. I had to call you to tell you that [my son] got his SAT scores online today and they are absolutely unbelievable! He scored a 2240 combined. He did unbelievably well. He talked to his college counselor today; she advised him not take the exam again. She said there is no reason. These scores are good enough to certainly satisfy the requirements of all of the colleges she is recommending he visit…Thank you for all of your help. He thanks you too. He said that bringing his Critical Reading score up was just unbelievable and in large part due to you if not entirely due to you and the tips you gave him and your instruction. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I’ll be in touch when we feel that he needs your expertise again. It has been a pleasure. Take care, Lisa, and thanks again.
Hello Lisa! I did much better than I expected! I went up 190 points from last time! My mom was literally screaming :-). Thank you very much for all of your help, it definitely was the reason why I went up.
Hi Lisa! It’s so wonderful to hear from you. I did pretty well in the college application process (thanks in large part to your assistance I’m sure)…I was accepted at the following places: Penn (The Huntsman Program), Harvard, Georgetown, Tufts, Wesleyan, Hopkins. Next year I will be attending The Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business at Penn, as a Ben Franklin and Joseph Wharton Scholar at Penn. Can’t wait! How are things with you? I hope you and yours are well and enjoying the spring, and I expect of course that your students are still working their pants off.
Thank you so much for helping me with the SAT and ACT and always being there to help me go over the grammar on my English essays. I love to write but grammar is not my specialty. Thanks to you and everything you have taught me about grammar, I have been getting Bs or better on all of the English papers I have written my freshmen year of college.
[My daughter] got a ten on the ACT essay and a 32 and a 33 on the English and Reading. She did amazing and we wanted to thank you so much because it was fabulous, everything you did for her. Thank you for all of your tremendous effort.
[My daughter] called me from school where she checked her SAT scores. We’re really pleased with how she did…I wanted to let you know that she’s so happy and so am I. Thank you so much I know she could not have done it without you.
I know I probably would not have been accepted to Stanford without your help.
Hey Lisa, So yesterday at 4:00 am I checked the scores of my last standardized test in high school. I was overjoyed: 770M, 750R, 800W (79 m/c and 12 essay). Thank you so much for the help, ESPECIALLY with the writing: it is hard to believe that just last January I had a 590 with an 8 on the essay. The score has definitely exceeded my expectations. What a great way to conclude my relationship with the SAT! I can get into college now! Once again, thanks a lot.
“It was wonderful to have you on my side helping me throughout the college process, and for always thinking of me throughout the year. Without your support and guidance I would not have been so successful. Thank you again for everything.
…I have no doubt that your assistance with the essay: motivating [my son] to sit down and write it and the editorial feedback you offered on it, helped him enormously…The whole essay process seemed completely overwhelming to him and you somehow made it seem manageable. If his English SAT had not gone up by 100 points with your instruction I am not sure he would have been accepted regular admission. I feel so glad I took the initiative to move him away from his other tutor (give myself a pat on the back for that!). So, thank you again for all your help!
Thanks for all you do! You helped out is so many ways, we could not have done this without you and Lisa on board. It takes a village. I hope things settle down in your life and everyone remains healthy. Take care and thanks so much!!!
[My son] is really benefiting from his tutor and I have become a huge advocate of tutoring. [My son] is a smart kid, but he doesn’t always figure out what is important to study. His weekly review has made him a stronger student and he is getting A’s on his labs and tests. He always looks forward to meeting with her. I wish I had started earlier - like in 9th grade! It is amazing how much he gets out of a weekly review with her.
[My son] accessed his scores and he did very well. He scored a 2110. He is thrilled. With only four sessions and a practice test, he was able to improve by almost 200 points ...
Hi—just a quick note to let you know that [my son] thought your meeting today was really helpful, and he enjoyed working with you. I thought he seemed very at ease with you, too, which is great. I was amazed and delighted to hear him talk at such length about what’s going on with school! Success!! Writing – 790; Math – 720 (so we’ll go with the 770 from last time) CR – 720!! So we are done! Now he just has to take two more SAT subject tests. Thanks so much for all of your help – couldn’t have done it without you!
Hi Lisa, I left you a long rambling message this morning about [my daughter’s] scores. She got an 1810 – and we are beyond thrilled! ... I cannot thank you enough! [My daughter] said that the time-management strategies really helped her improve. And she was sick all week too!
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for managing to schedule so much time with [my son and daughter] at the end of the year. The preparation and tutoring for finals really seemed to help them both. [My daughter] got an A on her geometry final, trimester and year end grade. She was thrilled (and even a bit surprised...)! She got a B+ on her Chem final, which her teacher said was an excellent grade, given that the difficulty level on the exam was very high...Thanks again. I’m sure we’ll see you again next year.