High School & Middle School Tutoring

We believe middle school and high school students deserve a tutoring team that specializes in meeting their unique educational needs. 

Our dedicated team of tutors is committed to helping all students reach their academic goals. Our tutors are experts in their subjects and passionate about teaching. We have extensive experience working with a range of students, including high-achieving students, struggling students, and students with learning differences. We’re also familiar with the curriculums of the local public and private schools. 

High School Tutoring

We understand high school students. They each have their own academic strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and goals. Since no two students are alike, neither is our approach to working with them.  

While students who are excelling come to us for enrichment, others who are struggling come to us for remediation. Regardless of their goals, we are committed to meeting our students where they are academically and helping them get to where they want to be, making sure each student has the skills necessary to be successful in high school, college and beyond. 

Middle School Tutoring

We strive to help our middle school students become confident and independent learners. We focus on teaching them the strategies and skills they’ll need to succeed in middle school and to smoothly transition to high school.