High School Subjects Tutoring

Customized One-on-One Academic Tutoring

Whether your high school student is struggling with a particular subject or just needs to manage study time more effectively to maintain good grades, we can help.

Can I get a tutor for A.P. calculus?

Yes! No matter whether your child needs a geometry tutor, English tutor, chemistry tutor, biology tutor, history tutor or writing tutor, we can match your child with the right tutor. Our tutors specialize in their particular subject area, encompassing both public and private high school curriculums. All Apt Tutoring tutors hold at least a M.A. in their tutoring subject or a related field, and have experience teaching and tutoring high school students. 

I’m buried under homework!

Many high school students struggle to maintain a good grade point average, studying and tackling homework assignments long into the night. It doesn’t have to be that way. We assess each student’s study habits and help streamline them to achieve more in less time. We will help to develop the organization, time management, and executive function skills every student needs to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

My child seems to be losing interest in some subjects.

Our tutors are passionate about the subjects they teach, and that passion can be contagious. We instill an appreciation for the subject matter, and serve as a role model for your child’s success.

I only need a little bit of help.

We are happy to help you for a few sessions or throughout the school year. Since most of our students work with us on a weekly basis, we'll automatically schedule you for the same time each week until the end of the academic year. You are, however, free to stop tutoring as soon as you feel you are ready.

My child is so busy! How can we fit in tutoring?

High school students have a lot on their plates. With sports, after-school jobs, school clubs and other commitments, it can be hard to find the time to schedule tutoring. We work around your schedule. Sessions are available on weekends and evenings to accommodate your busy student. Furthermore, our individualized instruction is tailored to each student’s unique learning style, strengths and weaknesses, so you know your child's time is being spent effectively and efficiently.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your child become a confident, independent learner in high school and beyond.

I love that I can call Apt and get immediate help with tutoring both long or short term. We have even called in December to get emergency help for mid terms. That kind of service is invaluable.
Thank You for tutoring my daughter recently. Her ACT score went from 28 to 30 with just a few weeks of your help! Her math score alone went from 25 to 33. Thank you again!
We have two children taking a full load of honors and AP courses. During the years, I have called upon Apt Tutoring to tutor one or both of my children in calculus, trigonometry, geometry, chemistry, biology and physics. Whether it was a semester-long commitment to get that “C” to a “B” or that “B” to an “A,” or just a short-term two-week cram session before finals, Lisa always provided top quality tutors that were patient, coherent and had a sense of humor. Every tutor we worked with had advanced degrees, was extremely respectful to the entire family and focused on the task at hand. These were the kind of individuals that my children could look up to as role models. We were also pleased with the flexibility of Lisa — often responding to last minute request for “emergency” pre-final tutoring — as well as the flexibility of the tutors, who were willing to work around the demands of our children’s busy extracurricular schedules. Apt Tutoring was well worth the investment to my family and helped my eldest daughter get into one of the country’s most exclusive universities.