Is your child living up to his full academic potential? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of college admissions? Are homework struggles wearing you down?

Apt Tutoring can help.


Test Prep

College Counseling

Apt Tutoring specializes in helping middle school and high school students achieve their academic and admissions goals one student at a time. 

Whether it’s help with strategies for completing homework more efficiently, writing papers and DBQ’s, developing better executive function skills, or preparing for private school or college admissions tests and applications, Apt Tutoring's targeted, customized program can make all the difference. 

All of our services are conducted on a one-to-one basis and we will accommodate your child’s schedule. Our team members are experienced, highly qualified, and passionate about their fields of expertise. Most hold master’s degrees and all have extensive experience as tutors and teachers. 

Our professional team is equipped to assist with all middle school and high school subjects, as well as standardized exams, including the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, Advanced Placement, ISEE, SSAT & HSPT. 

Our educational consultant has more than twelve years’ experience guiding students and their families through the college admissions process. She’s one of approximately 200 Certified Educational Planners, the highest designation for educational consultants. 

Located in downtown Hingham, our top-notch teaching professionals and one-to-one attention make Apt Tutoring, Test Prep & College Counseling the best resource available for middle school and high school students in the Boston area.


What People Are Saying

I wanted to call you to thank you so much for helping [daughter’s name]. She really learned a tremendous amount from you. She was lucky to have you. It really showed in her test. I thank you profusely. She really did great on her SAT test. You were a big part of that so thank you, thank you, thank you very much.
Our children have used various tutors from Apt Tutoring throughout their high school years. Some, on an as needed basis and a few on a more regular basis, when a particular class was proving difficult or challenging. Even with the great teachers at their school, there are times when focused, one on one time with an excellent tutor can make the difference between a B+ and an A. Both of our children have managed to receive high honors with the assistance of the excellent and dedicated tutors available through Apt Tutoring.
I wanted to get back in touch with you to give you an update on my son [Son’s name] entrance exam results. [Son’s name] scored very well on the HSPT; enough to receive an academic scholarship when he was accepted at BC High. [Son’s name] also scored well enough on the SSAT to be accepted to St. Sebastian’s and Milton Academy. [Son’s name] will attend Milton Academy in the Fall. Thank you for all of your assistance with tutoring. This, no doubt helped him with his test taking skills, and we are grateful.
The educational support my children received from Apt was priceless. Whatever assistance my children needed to help them completely understand the subject material was offered. The tutors were professional, friendly, accommodating and flexible with our busy schedules. They were vested as teachers, taking pride in making sure their students understood the subject. My children’s confidence grew because they truly understood the subject. Not only did the tutors help my children, they also were readily available to answer our questions and reassure us as parents. The educational support given by Apt Tutoring was well worth the investment in our children’s future.