Middle School Subjects Tutoring

We understand the unique needs of middle school students.

While they may not need the same supervision as elementary students, most are still not able to work entirely independently, especially as they navigate the transition to secondary school. For middle school subjects, we focus on teaching the skills needed to become strong, independent learners: time management, study skills, executive functions skills, and, perhaps most importantly, organization. These all-important executive function skills provide a foundation for any student, not only in middle school, but also in high school, college and beyond.

How do I keep everything organized?

Transitioning from a single classroom and teacher to a schedule of four or more subject teachers can be overwhelming for some students. Organization is the name of the game. We work one-on-one with middle school students to develop a system for organizing their class notes, binders, backpacks and agenda books. We assist in keeping track of old and current course materials so everything is available when it’s needed.

How do I keep up with assignments?

As writing assignments and tests become more complex and frequent, our writing tutors can help middle school students stay focused and on track.

We teach writing as a process rather than an end result. Students learn the steps necessary to produce consistently good papers – from brainstorming to proofreading.

For tests, we focus on study skills that will help alleviate test anxiety and eliminate last minute cramming. We teach students how and when to review course materials with techniques that are suited to their individual learning styles. These skills are taught within the context of the student’s own class curriculum.

Our instruction is tailored to fit each student, focusing on his or her unique strengths and weaknesses, learning style and academic goals. We help middle school students become confident, independent learners for life.

Our experience with Apt Tutoring was exceptional in every way. From the prompt courteous “customer service,” to the tutor herself, to the written responses and information from the director, we were pleased. Our tutor was phenomenal-really caring and conscientious.
Thanks for all you do! You helped out is so many ways, we could not have done this without you and Lisa on board. It takes a village. I hope things settle down in your life and everyone remains healthy. Take care and thanks so much!!!
We have been working with Apt Tutoring for the past several years, starting in middle school. My son has a learning disability and is challenged by the curriculum, but the use of Apt Tutoring tutors has helped him tremendously. As a parent, I am very pleased with Apt Tutoring’s services. All of the tutors communicate with me directly (as well as my kids) in terms of scheduling, and are responsive to my concerns and goals. Lisa has always been very responsive and helpful when I have questions or concerns. She is a tremendous source of information when it comes to the local schools and curriculum and is extremely prompt in addressing any new requests or concerns. The Apt Tutoring group is great to work with and I would strongly urge anyone who is considering tutoring services to use them.