SAT & ACT Prep

Increase your SAT & ACT scores with private tutoring.

Preparing for the SAT and ACT can be a daunting prospect for anyone applying to college. With so much emphasis placed on test scores, it can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. But at Apt Tutoring & Test Prep, we don’t see it that way. While other tutoring companies can help get you through the tests, we’ll help you get something out of them. Our test prep students come away with the skills they need for success beyond the test – skills that can help them in college and in life.

Since students have different starting points and goals it's hard to say how many sessions an individual student will need. Some students need more help in one section than in another. Also keep in mind that it’s to the student’s advantage to take the SAT and/or ACT two to three times.

Students work with us through multiple test dates.

A good rule of thumb is:

For SAT strategies alone, please plan on the number of sessions below. Keep in mind that if your child needs help with content, as most students do, more sessions may be needed. 

Evidence-based Reading 3-5 sessions
Evidence-based Writing: 3-4 sessions
Math with calculator 3-5 sessions
Math without calculator 3-5 sessions
Essay 1-2 sessions

For ACT Strategies, plan on the number of sessions below. Students who need help on content may need more sessions. 

English 3-4 sessions
Math 4-5sessions  
Reading 4-5 sessions
Science 4-5 sessions
Enhanced Writing (essay) 1-2 sessions

We cannot work on the SAT and the ACT at the same time. Since there’s a lot of overlap between the SAT and ACT, students taking both will need fewer sessions for each.

How do I prepare for the SAT/ACT?

Our ACT and SAT tutors focus on both strategy and content. We teach our students the SAT and ACT strategies unique to each test, but we also assist with the content when necessary. If it’s geometry that stumps you, we’ll teach you geometry. We feel the best strategy is confidence. Our customized approach ensures our students will feel confident and ready for success on test day.

What can I do about test anxiety?

Sometimes it’s the anxiety of taking the test that can throw you. There’s more to the SAT and ACT than understanding pronoun usage and solving for x. Our tutors specialize in helping students overcome test anxiety. Students learn tips for managing their time on the tests, building confidence, and increasing focus and stamina. Skills that last a lifetime.

We work with all types of students.

Whether a student wants to score as close to perfect as possible, or simply needs to improve on a specific portion of the test, our SAT and ACT tutors will work toward each student’s personal goals. We tailor our programs to the individual student’s unique needs, and focus on individual learning style. We work with all types of students, including those with ADD/ADHD and specialized education plans. In fact, a third of our students have an IEP or 504. We'll advise you on how to get accommodations from the College Board and ACT. 

Our tutors are teachers.

All of our SAT and ACT tutors are committed to helping students reach their academic goals. Our test prep tutors specialize in the SAT and ACT, but their background includes more than just a good score on a test. Our tutors are passionate about education. And we believe that passion is contagious.

We’ll help you determine which test is right for you.

All of our test prep students (and their parents) will have the added benefit of working with an educational consultant to help identify which test to take and when. For a quick reference, check out our SAT and ACT comparison chart.

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Our test prep students have the opportunity to take simulated, full-length SAT and ACT practice tests

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