College Counseling Packages

List Advising — $3,300*

Includes evaluation of transcripts, resume, and standardized test scores, personality and learning style survey, financial fit survey, long and short list of colleges. Students usually start this package during their junior or senior year of high school or when transferring colleges. Additional hours $160.

Comprehensive Package — $4,900*

Comprehensive Package includes phone and email exchanges and in-person meetings scheduled at your convenience, including evenings and weekends. Students can start this package any time from sophomore year until the beginning of senior year. This package is also popular with transfer students. The number of sessions, session length and meeting topics varies by student's needs.

Comprehensive package includes:

Evaluation of transcripts, resume, and standardized test scores
Personality and learning style surveys, interests and aptitudes assessment
Long and short list of colleges
Guidance on high school course selection, extra-curricular activities, resume writing
Advice on college and athletic visits and interviews
Standardized test schedule and score submission strategies
Strategies for optimizing financial and merit aid
Assistance with Common Application, Coalition Application and other applications, application essays and supplemental essays. (Up to 12 colleges)
Guidance for college freshman year course selection.

College Counseling Packages do not include test prep and external scholarship essays.

If paying by credit card, payment for both packages is due in full when Apt Tutoring, Test Prep & College Counseling is hired.  If paying by check, freshmen and sophomores can pay $1,500 towards the Comprehensive Package when they start and the balance by July 1 prior to junior year.

Hourly Consultations

The following are offered at an hourly rate: resume writing, college and athletic visits and interviews, applications, application essays, supplemental essays, honors college essays, deferral and waitlist strategies, transitioning to college.

*Purchases are non-refundable and not shareable or transferable (even between siblings).